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Taronga Zoo

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8th December 2023

Taronga Zoo is the perfect place for a family friendly outing. With a stunning backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour, kids can go wild and visit all varieties of wildlife in Australia’s number 1 conservation park.

Taronga Zoo is dedicated to the conservation of 10 critical species, also known as their legacy species. These encompass species both native to Australian as well as those on the brink of extinction in Sumatra. There are many threats facing these creatures’ extinction and therefore biodiversity so Taronga Zoo has prioritised their conservation over such animals such as koalas, sun bears, Sumatran tigers and marine turtles to ensure their survival.

To make this a fun educational experience Taronga is offering a variety of programs to ensure you or your kids get the most of the trip. There are family friendly bird shows showcased with a backdrop of Sydney Harbour. The sea lions and seals exhibit their natural marine abilities. The Tiger Trek allows you to get up close and personal with the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger cubs.  For those that are into the less interactive there is even a two storey theatre for the ultimate cinematic experience that’s included in the ticket price.

Sky Safari is up and running again just in time for the holidays. Sydney’s only cable car will be running as usual from the Taronga ferry wharf to the height of Bradleys Head Road and vice versa. From one of the most picturesque vantage points in Sydney the gondola floats over Asian elephant herds, playful squirrel monkeys and graceful giraffes. This car ride is definitely a must when faced with the steep walk uphill to the top of the zoo’s entrance. Save your feet and enjoy the serenity.

Another personal favourite for both adults and kids alike is the Wild Ropes Course. This ropes course consists of flying foxes, suspension bridges and climbing walls all several metres in the air.  Tackle this adventure dangling over koalas, kangaroos and emus whilst taking in the sights of Sydney from the treetops. Perfect for corporate workshops or kids birthdays it’s a small price to pay for the an adrenaline rush and stellar views.

To continue the animalistic experience why not book our jungle themed kids room at View Sydney? View Sydney’s jungle-themed kids room will ensure your kids have just as much fun on their adventure to Sydney as you. From spotting planes and ferries out the window to creating their own jungle fun, this kids room will mean you can take time out whilst the little ones are safe in the interconnecting room next door. Each room has bunk beds, armchair and with books, desk with high seats to gaze across Sydney, TV and loads of jungle animals, blackboard and a tepee to hide as the elephant stroll by.