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These Boots Are Made For Walking: Exploring Sydney On Foot

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8th December 2023

Sometimes the destination is just as memorable as the journey. Here is a list of walking trails and paths in, around, through, alongside, and between some of Sydney’s best points of interest.

You will be amazed what sorts of gems you will find if you ditch your car and set out on these trodden footpaths and boardwalks. From the best city skyline views to wildlife and ancient aboriginal art, these routes will take you from metropolis-vibes to wilderness-vibes and back during your stay at View Sydney. 

So lace up some comfortable sneakers, fill up your Hydroflask, slap on your fitness tracker, and get ready to get those steps exploring the city and it’s surrounds. Or if you’re more of a picnic and a stroll type person, there is something for everyone.


Bondi to Coogee coastal walk

Distance: 6km

Starting Point: Notts Ave. Bondi 2026

It’s a short 30 minute ride to the beginning of this beach and cliff hugging path from View Sydney, but it’s definitely worth the trek. The coastal trail is pretty well travelled and popular among locals and visitors alike, but that shouldn’t deter you from setting out on this easy going walk that dips in and out of the most emblematic beaches Sydney has to offer. Stunning vistas and breathtaking backdrops in every direction make this an easy activity to get everyone in your party on board, and since it’s urban-adjacent, the commitment is minimal; cold beers and air-con cafes are available just off the track. 

Since you’re skirting the thick of the bustling beachside economy, leave your snacks at the hotel and pack your swimmers and a towel instead. You can make the 6 km an early morning run and dip into the mild waters before grabbing a nice breakfast, or you can stretch it out over the day, taking extended pit stops at the beaches, coves, overlooks, and restaurants you will encounter around every turn. 

Insider tips: Peak tourist season hits this trail hard. Expect large and oblivious groups of selfie-takers during the late morning and afternoon hours. Best time to go is early morning and evening, to take advantage of the cooler air and to avoid the midday sun. If you have some snorkeling gear, there is prime swimming and diving at Gordons Bay. 


Bradleys Head to Chowder Bay Walk

Bradleys Head Amphitheater

Distance: 4km

Starting Point: Mosman NSW 2088, Australia (Taronga Zoo, Bradley’s Head)

Considering the fact that it only takes 15 minutes to get from the lobby of View Sydney into some dense brush and leafy trails of Bradleys Head should pique anyone’s interest. If you are looking for a laid back meander that feels a bit rugged, this may be your ticket. As you follow the path from Athol Bay to the HMAS Memorial Mast, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the Prime Minister’s residence. Continuing on the alternating boardwalk and dirt paths, expect to see various species of wildlife in this park protected by the National Park Service, from water dragons to ancient trees. The NPS website has a downloadable wildlife guide if you want to educate before you ambulate. 

Insider tips: Pack a snack or a picnic if you plan on staying a while — the kiosk at Clifton Gardens can be hit-or-miss. And if you’re traveling with kiddos, this trail can be a free add-on to a trip to Taronga Zoo. 


Cowan to Berowra via Berowra Waters

Berowra Heights

Distance: 12.9km one way

Starting Point: Berowra Station

Zooming out of an overhead view of Sydney, you will soon see that it is surrounded on all sides by national park land, and if you are the type of person to look at that and see endless adventure opportunities, here’s a hike for you and yours. Unlike the previous walks that can be done on a whim, this is something you will need to prepare for. Sturdy shoes, plenty of water, and pack friendly snacks are the basics to get you ready for this 6 hour day hike. Expect to scramble down and around boulders and along uneven and often soggy terrain, and get in the mood for thigh frying stair climbs and stirrup assisted descents, because there are plenty. 

But as any hiker will tell you: the elevation is usually worth the effort. Your attempt will be rewarded with expansive lookout points and epic views of ancient watersheds where the Berowra, Sams, and Calna Creeks converge. Not to mention the solitude that the city walks in town lack; the inclines tend to thin the herds of people clamoring for cheap views. 

Insider tips: There’s only one toilet on this route and don’t expect to find water — go before you embark, and pack ample H2O. However, in the middle of the hike, you can take a ferry across the water to Waterview Restaurant and The Fish Cafe and treat yourself if the hour is right. 

For a more detailed breakdown of the route, check out this Wild Walks guide.


At the end of the day…

These are only a micro sampling of the walking and hiking available around View Sydney, and if you’re more of an urban runner, check out these routes logged by Map My Hike users right outside the lobby door. So whether you’re looking for an excuse to cruise the beaches, or an ass-kicking adventure to wear you out, your View Sydney room will be waiting with a hot shower and cozy bed to punctuate your travels.