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Wildlands Festival Comes To Brisbane

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8th December 2023

Every so often, a shining mirage in the distance is an actual oasis where a sea of beautiful people, exotic sights and sounds, and unique happenings come together. Like a psychedelic fever dream, alien structures rise from the parched earth. Blindingly hypnotic lights signal to the heavens. Subterranean tones pulse from electric towers as neon pilgrims worship in synchronized movement. For a single day, the earth blooms wildly, then as quickly as it comes, it retreats into the sun-soaked haze from whence it emerged.

A brand new event is coming December 28th to the Brisbane Showgrounds for its inaugural voyage. Wildlands is a one day immersive music and art escapism festival featuring international and Australian dance, electronic, and hip-hop acts. The folks behind Beyond The Valley in Victoria and Origin Fields in Western Australia have joined forces to bring a festival experience to Brisbane, which, until now, severely lacked such an event.


The line-up features co-headliners Australian electronic artist Rüfüs Du Sol and U.S. based rapper Tyler The Creator. Filling out the day’s agenda is a slew of beat-driven acts that will give voice to the curated stage design and light shows. With over 25 artists signed on, there will be more than enough builds and drops to keep festival-goers moving in unison late into the night.

Any decent festival is transformative, and it seems like the promoters are touting Wildlands as such. It aims to create a world and transport the attendees to a cosmic island of music and art, and while you may be taken lightyears away from your normal life and daily worries, you’re only a ten-minute taxi back to your View hotel room. Which makes this one-day festival, that’s only 2km from the Brisbane CBD, all the more appealing.

A common hesitation surrounding music festivals, in general, is the commitment in both time and money. Some of the biggest festivals that spread your favorite acts over three days are prohibitively expensive; the cost of a ticket combined with overpriced, overcrowded, and underwhelming accommodations in remote locations can sour the experience. Not to mention the creeping cost of food and drinks once you’re trapped inside.

Suddenly, Wildlands appears and smashes these roadblocks to rubble. You can wake up in your king-size bed in your hotel room, order some breakfast to your room, followed by a massage. Check the clock and realize, you’re in no rush at all. Walk a block or two to the Cameron Rocks Reserve along the Brisbane River and grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat while you do some research about some less familiar acts and make a Spotify playlist to get pumped for the show you’re about to witness.

Take your time getting ready. Face-paint? Hell yeah. Oversized sunnies? Of course. Neon hip pack filled with Blistex, lots of gum, some cash and a power bank? Check. Sequin unicorn hoodie? Whatever sparks your plug.

As close as the festival is to civilization, there will always be a crowd, so it may be worth it to splurge on the VIP pass, which gives you access to a VIP entrance and bar area. Sure to cut the amount of queue-standing to a minimum, you will spend your time doing what you came for: seeing world-class electronic, hip-hop, and dance acts paired with cutting edge light shows and stage designs.

If you’re still reading this, unsure about whether you’re sold, or still deciding if you are a festival-type person, think of this as a first-year primer. Admittedly, music is a very personal and subjective thing – that said, one could argue that electronic, dance and hip hop are among the most universal genres. They share the defining feature of thumping drums and bass and try as you might, it’s nearly impossible not to dance as the music hits on a primal nerve, bringing us back to our tribal roots and entrancing us, temporarily, in beauty.

Also, the people watching at a dance festival like this is worth the ticket price alone.

So spend a Saturday in December at the Wildlands music festival and witness the carnival-like pomp. But don’t worry about sacrificing a thing. If you need to bail, just rest assured that your bed will be made and waiting for you when you return back to View. Party on.