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Immerse Yourself in Brisbane’s Arts and Culture Scene

Local Events
14th April 2024

Brisbane is a city with a vibrant arts scene and a deep cultural history. From contemporary art galleries to live music performances and festivals, the city’s arts scene thrives with diversity and energy. Whether you’re an art lover, a history buff, or simply curious about local culture, a stay at the riverside View Hotel Brisbane provides the perfect base for exploring Brisbane’s cultural attractions.

Brisbane Powerhouse

The Brisbane Powerhouse is a major arts and cultural hub located in a former power station in the suburb of New Farm. Known for its dynamic range of arts programs, including theatre, music, comedy, film, visual arts, and festivals, it’s a key destination for those interested in the contemporary art scene. The venue also houses several bars and restaurants, making it a popular dining spot. Best of all, you can easily reach it via CityCat from our Boutique Accommodation Brisbane.

Brisbane Powerhouse

Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)

As part of South Bank’s cultural precinct, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) is a premier venue for the performing arts in Brisbane. Known for its exceptional acoustics and state-of-the-art facilities, QPAC hosts a wide range of performances, including ballet, opera, classical music, contemporary dance, musical theatre, and dramatic plays. With its scenic location by the Brisbane River, you’ll have no trouble finding your way to QPAC using public transport from View Boutique Accommodation in Brisbane.

Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

In the heart of Brisbane’s cultural hub, the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is a go-to for modern art and design. GOMA boasts striking architecture and showcases modern art forms like paintings, sculptures, photography, and multimedia installations. Renowned for hosting major international shows, it houses a diverse Australian and international art collection. Beyond art, GOMA provides film screenings, talks, and workshops for all ages. With a bookshop, cafes, and outdoor areas, GOMA is the perfect spot for exploring Brisbane’s cultural attractions.

Gallery of Modern Arts (GOMA)
Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

Museum of Brisbane (MoB)

Based in the iconic City Hall, a short distance from your boutique accommodation in Brisbane, the Museum of Brisbane (MoB) offers a unique blend of social history and visual arts, focusing on the stories, people, and events that have shaped the city. The museum’s exhibitions and collections range from historical artefacts and photographs to contemporary art, all showcasing the diversity of Brisbane’s community. Visitors can also engage in educational programs, workshops, and tours, including the popular City Hall tours, providing insights into Brisbane’s heritage.

Museum of Brisbane - Clay Exhibition
Museum of Brisbane

Judith Wright Arts Centre

The Judith Wright Arts Centre, located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, is a creative hub dedicated to contemporary and experimental art. Named in honour of the renowned Australian poet and environmental activist Judith Wright, this arts centre is a focal point for innovation in the visual and performing arts. It features a variety of exhibition spaces, performance venues, and creative studios, fostering an environment where artists and audiences can explore cutting-edge and avant-garde art forms.

The Tivoli

The Tivoli, affectionately called ‘The Tiv,’ is a historic live music venue in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. Set in a building dating back to the 1920s, The Tivoli started as an Art Deco bakery and later transformed into its current state. Its interior boasts intricate Art Deco architecture, elegant chandeliers, and a cosy atmosphere, making it one of Brisbane’s iconic performance spaces. The Tivoli hosts concerts by national and international artists, comedy shows, film screenings, and private events.

The Tivoli
The Tivoli

Institute of Modern Art (IMA)

Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art (IMA) is a leading independent forum for contemporary art in Australia. It’s known for its cutting-edge exhibitions, often featuring works that challenge conventional art forms and explore contemporary issues. Beyond its exhibitions, the IMA offers a range of public programs, including artist talks, workshops, performances, and educational activities. With free admission, the IMA is a must-visit for anyone exploring Brisbane’s cultural attractions from their riverside hotel in Brisbane.

The Brisbane Comedy Festival

The Brisbane Comedy Festival is a celebrated annual event transforming Brisbane into a hub of laughter. Attracting comedy enthusiasts from all over, the festival showcases stand-up, sketch, improv, and satire. Past festivals have featured comedians like Hannah Gadsby, Wil Anderson, and Akmal Saleh, contributing to its reputation as a prime platform for established and emerging comedians. Held across various iconic venues in the city, such as the Brisbane Powerhouse and City Hall, the festival offers a mix of grand auditorium experiences and intimate comedy club settings.

Brisbane Comedy Festival
Brisbane Comedy Festival

The Brisbane Festival

The Brisbane Festival is an annual three-week event that lights up the city with a burst of arts, culture, and entertainment. Celebrated each September, it transforms Brisbane into a lively, creative playground, attracting artists and audiences from across the globe. The festival features an enticing program of music, theatre, dance, opera, circus, and major public events like the much-loved Riverfire, a spectacular fireworks display set to the backdrop of the Brisbane River.

Brisbane Festival
The Brisbane Festival

The Fortitude Valley Art Trail

Ready for a cultural journey in Brisbane? Explore the Valley Art Trail in Fortitude Valley. Begin at Jan Murphy Gallery on Brunswick Street to enjoy local and interstate art dating back to 1995. A short walk away, Philip Bacon Galleries, a key player in Brisbane’s art scene for nearly 50 years, features masterpieces from renowned modern artists. Visit Arthur Street for Mitchell Fine Art, showcasing First Nations and contemporary artists in a modern space with the belief that art is for everyone. Lastly, stop by Edwina Corlette Gallery near Brunswick Street for a curated collection of contemporary artists from Australia and the Asia Pacific.

These places and festivals represent just a snapshot of Brisbane’s artistic landscape, ideal for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the local arts and culture. Be sure to view our wide range of hotel rooms at View Hotel Brisbane and book your stay today.