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27th February 2024

With the COVID-19 crisis top of mind in Australia, ANZAC Day will be different than in previous years. Most public events for ANZAC Day will be non-public or canceled this year, or pared down and streamed online.

Spread The Word: The ANZAC Appeal helps former servicemen and servicewomen, and their families. They offer crisis accommodation for at-risk veterans, financial assistance for families in need, health and wellbeing programs, employment support, and assistance with accessing pension entitlements.

Know The History: As part of WWI in 1915, the ANZAC soldiers landed at Gallipoli in Turkey as part of the allied expedition. The fighting dragged on for over eight brutal months. Through the end of 1915, over 8,000 Australian soldiers died. “What resonates with people was how these soldiers behaved under adverse conditions: perseverance, friendship, courage in the face of adversity,” Prof. Mark McKenna explained to the BBC.

Watch Online: For 2020 ANZAC Day, The Australian War Memorial will hold a private, nationally televised ANZAC Day commemorative service. This service will be held in the Commemorative Area and Hall of Memory on Anzac Day. It will be broadcast nationally on ABC as well as streamed online.