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New Years Eve 2020 at View Sydney

Local Events
8th December 2023

View Sydney is hosting New Year’s Eve this year and it has everything you need to deliver a night you will remember forever. From dinner and drinks, live music and entertainment, and most importantly, an enviable observation deck to catch the fireworks spectacular as it illuminates the harbor. The all-inclusive ticket is worth every cent. 

The event goes from 7:30 pm to midnight. In that time, there is a casual, yet refined and chef-inspired dinner buffet. You don’t have to think about anything other than your New Year’s resolutions and how this year will be the year you actually keep them. Or not. It’s really the positive thinking that counts, so don’t beat yourself up. 

Instead, focus on the selection of beers, wines, soft-drinks you’d like with your meal (or meals depending on how many trips to the buffet you make over the course of the evening). Seriously though, the food is going to be hard to pull away from, even when there are actual bombs exploding in the air. Duck confit, crispy pork belly, Australian king prawns, Sydney rock and Pacific oysters, steamed dumplings and buns, chocolate fountain, seasonal vegetables, fruit, and berries, and so many other options for every eater in your group.

View NYE party includes pre-purchased indoor or outdoor seating, access to the outdoor viewing deck to view the 9 pm and midnight fireworks, with the bar open all day. 

Also, when we talk about the fireworks, we’re not talking about bottle rockets and roman candles popping off randomly as buzzing partygoers bubble out of the bars and into the streets. No. For the 23rd year, Fortunato Foti and his family are taking their eight generations of firework experience and expertise to the skies. The Foti clan has been blowing stuff up since the 18th century. 

Every year, the expectation rises, and every year, Foti delivers – this time he’s packing more than 8 tonnes of pyrotechnics, and when digitally launched by 18 computers, it will trigger more than 100-thousand individual effects. He’s promising the best show ever, and at the very least it will dazzle the millions of spectators watching along the harbor, and the likely billions more watching around the world. If this isn’t abundantly clear by now, this will be more polished and pro than your crazy uncle’s fireworks display. 

View Sydney is located in the heart of the CBD, and if you were to try and make a plan to watch the fireworks in the area, you will quickly find out how many other people are doing the same thing. The result: huge crowds and expensive entry fees. So do yourself a favor and reserve some seats for the show. 

As far as NYE plans go, there are two types of people: those whose plan is set well in advance, and those who wing it. Both are valid and both have resulted in some all-time party tales and foggy memories. But as each year passes, you realize how liberating a game plan can be, and how the best plan leaves room for improvisation. 

So book a room, reserve your plate at the buffet dinner, and party like you’re a short elevator ride from the privacy and comfort of your own room. Because you are. It’s the convenience of throwing a party at your house with the extra convenience of not having to throw a party at your house. Can you imagine? Make a mess and go to bed – wake up to a clean slate and mimosas – that’s next level.

Reservations can be made for 2022 here.